A little about how paper is made.

It has been said most people destroy about around 300 trees in their life time by the use of different paper products. So, how does the process of once a tree is cut down get turned into paper.  First here is some terminology. Raw wood of trees is made up of  fibers called cellulose and is held together with lignin. which is a natural glue.  Pulp is the watery substance of cellulose fibers, lignin, water and a few other chemicals. Pulp can be done in a few ways one of which is by grinding wood into small machine chips and the other is by using chemical pulping resulting in stronger fibers to make paper. Depending on the what type of paper needs to be created a type of bleach pulp is used. Since the pulp is very watery, large machines are used to spray th pulp onto moving mesh screens to for a layered mat. This mat then goes through several process to dry the water out. Once this is done, the mat is taken to heated rollers to remove any excess water out onto one giant roll which can be over twenty feet wide.

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